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Bad Little Girl
"Oh, hey there Tobey", she says innocently as she attempts to hide the bag of stole jewels and figurines behind her. 
I roll my eyes and shake my head replying "Becky,Becky,Becky. Haven't we gone though this before? Stealing is bad, very bad."
 Her face slightly flushes and says "But, I-", I cut her off and say "I do not care how much you 'absolutely needed' those things or how expensive it was. Just put those jewels and unicorns back now. Or we'll have to do it the hard way." My finger hovered over the button the summoned my robots waiting for her answer. 
She swallowed hard unsure of what to do After a few seconds, she gave me a prideful smirk and replied "Bring it on." as she quickly flew above me, teasing me with the bag of stolen goods. 
With the press of my button, my robots appeared and lifted me up onto the air. Disappointed, I sighed as I sent demands to my robots.
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 6 34
Our Books
Many people don't understand what our books mean to us. 
They do not comprehend that the every book/s read may be our reason to go on another day. 
Our books inspire us, shape us , and give us hope. Many think that it is absolutely ridiculous that we cry, laugh, smile, and sob over a "fictional character" accomplishments/ deaths. 
But, the funny thing is that we find it normal. As we read the book, we grew to love & respect the character/s. 
Those "fictional characters" are very real to us. 
Our books take us on far off adventures in strange & different worlds. 
They let us escape reality to these beautiful and amazing places; and for a while we forget all our worries and problems...
These characters let us experience what they go through and they feel. We connect our lives with them. 
These "silly" books & stories has made us strong and b
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 7 28
Why Him?
One thing that truly bewilders me is that Becky and Wordgirl seem to adore Scoops, the annoying reporter boy. 
I don't care much about Becky, but it's disgusting to seeing her go all 'lovey dovey' on him. He can have Becky for all I care,but he cannot have my Wordgirl. 
Even though, it looks like that reporter boy seems to have his eye on Becky's friend, Violet. 
I absolutely hate that Wordgirl pause our battles to answer his idiotic reporter questions. I'm extremely puzzled on why she likes him instead of me. 
They have absolutely nothing in common and he doesn't care for her at all! I do not understand what she sees in him... 
Wordgirl and I have so much in common; we're both highly intelligent  we both love to read and we have an enormous vocabulary! 
I-I know I tend to come off as rude and stuck up, but I'm actually a pretty decent person
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 6 42
Tobecky Flipped!!! by JTSfan4ever11 Tobecky Flipped!!! :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 11 25 Luna's Lullaby by JTSfan4ever11 Luna's Lullaby :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 11 3 Tobecky!!! by JTSfan4ever11 Tobecky!!! :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 7 33
Odd little girls (TxWGflipped)
Odd little girl... Who is staring at me. I know this as a fact because I can feel your eyes upon me.
In class, you always gaze my way,but when I look back at you. You blush & look away.
When I confront you, it's always the same.
You don't say a word and make a nervous face before you rest your eyes upon the ground infront of me. 
I can tell that you like me, but it's not just you who is smitten with me.
Fair City's Superhero feels the same, I've concluded so far. She always lingers after a battle with me. 
At times, she would fly by my house or bedroom window to 'check-up' on me. 
Occasionally, she would invite me to go to the library or ice cream shop with her.
Of course, I would decline her offer. 
As if I didn't get enough of her in our battles. Always swooning, playing with her hair, and complementing me. 
Ugh. Why can't these odd little girls see that I will never like them
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 6 20
What if I told you? Becky's POV
What would you do, if I told you I'm living two lives & in both of them I know you.
 You loath the other and love the girl you see in front of you. 
You keep saying you love me,but would you still adore me if I was Becky? I'm afraid to love you like you love me.
 I am terrified that if you knew the truth,you'll hate me like you hate her.
 I know your feelings are sincere & true, but I can never love you if you can't love both of me.
 Until then, I have to hide my feelings and keep myself away from you. Because everytime I'm with you, I fall in love even more.
 What would you say,what would I do if I said I was Becky Botsford and Wordgirl too?
 Would you still love me?
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 7 22
FLUTTLE PUFF!!! by JTSfan4ever11 FLUTTLE PUFF!!! :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 3 2 Father's Day gift by JTSfan4ever11 Father's Day gift :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 1 0 Tobey Randomness by JTSfan4ever11 Tobey Randomness :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 4 20
Valentines Day

Tobey's POV
Today is February 14...Known as "Valentines Day"... One of my least favorite holidays...What exactly is the point of Valentines Day?! It's just some useless holiday made up by some guy to celebrate "love" and "friendship".I just wish we didn't have to actually celebrate it...Im in NO rush to get to school, Im actually procrastinating... Im 100% sure that we're going to do some silly art project for Valentines Day at school.I hope I get to see WordGirl today.. Hmm, maybe I'll get her something for today...Maybe                                                    
:iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 11 127
Slender Man by JTSfan4ever11 Slender Man :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 2 7 WordGirl and Tobey collage by JTSfan4ever11 WordGirl and Tobey collage :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 6 51 WordGirl sketch by JTSfan4ever11 WordGirl sketch :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 3 72 Mr. Big by JTSfan4ever11 Mr. Big :iconjtsfan4ever11:JTSfan4ever11 6 99


Wordgirl: The Last Words

Flies in the speed of sound, super strength, super hearing, and many more to be discovered, All these powers in the possession of a little girl born on a foreign planet far away from earths reach. She was just an infant when she wondered into the space ship of her planets well known captain and fell silently asleep during one of the Captains take offs, startling him when she awoke was a terrifying surprise, he crashed landed to an unknown planet. Meeting a very friendly couple, they took both the young girl and the Captain in as there own. Years past and this mild mannered young girl became a
:iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 15 17
htvjfegbb by Silentyeller htvjfegbb :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 52 15 wordpony by Silentyeller wordpony :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 17 9 Burp by Silentyeller Burp :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 15 10 tobeehh by Silentyeller tobeehh :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 10 2 floatin by Silentyeller floatin :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 10 2 beepbeepbeep by Silentyeller beepbeepbeep :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 7 0 062014 by Silentyeller 062014 :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 14 2 mgntcact by Silentyeller mgntcact :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 5 1 Mmkmi by Silentyeller Mmkmi :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 1 0 wordgirl2 by Silentyeller wordgirl2 :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 6 4 Wordgirl1 by Silentyeller Wordgirl1 :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 12 8 Image by Silentyeller Image :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 17 3 oldoldoldoldold by Silentyeller oldoldoldoldold :iconsilentyeller:Silentyeller 29 12
Can't Stand
There is a storm growing in me,
it strikes my heart and
stops my breath.
But it doesn't quite kill;
I wish it would.
If it would my ears would fall deaf
and my mind numb to your words,
they cause even more pain then this
thorn in my heart.
With our every increasing argument
I feel a part of myself die,
you don't understand,
I'm done trying to hope you will.
I was born alone
and I will die broken by a life of slavery,
I serve the pain I live with
and I don't care what you think of the choices I make.
There was a beast in me that I used to be
until I learned to hate myself and shove that beast away;
burry it so deep I thought it dead.
But with every passing day this world throws it's words at me
the monster in me feeds on my pain,
it's anger will soon control me as it once did.
Yes I cut, yes I starve, yes I cry,
but who are all of you to tell me I am wrong;
that it is all my fault,
I am sick of your words and the way you throw me aside.
:iconruetris:RueTris 4 26
Why Did (Do) I Have to Love You
Hair like the sun
it brightened the day to see,
short but messy;
like my life so far.
Eyes like the ocean
they pulled me in,
I drowned in their depth;
and they were only the surface of you.
Hands like air
you helped me back up without ever touching,
holding me strong;
your departure broke me.
With a voice like velvet
you trapped me with your spell,
I fell in love with you;
you fell away from me.
:iconruetris:RueTris 6 8
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Okay. I know not many people will care, but I will no longer use this account.... 
I will be using a brand new DeviantArt account due to three main reasons...
1.) I've truly outgrew this account 
2.) My username is no longer valid in anyway... (I love Jimmy Two-Shoes, but not as much... Barely even hear of it and the fandom is run by *coughs* strange people.)
3.) The spam.... I've joined too many groups and watched too many people now my deviantWatch thingy is overflowing with art. I only have a handful of users that I actually do want to see. 
*bonus reason*
4.) My art and writings are absolutely horrid. I laughed to hard re-reading the Wordgirl fanfictions. I was so baaadddd. I want to start over without people seeing my old mistakes Sweating a little...
This is the new account: 

I know maybe 2 people will actually read this...


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hey, my name is Angie and I'm mostly a writer.
I'll rarely upload drawings or writings since I'm still in school and I honestly have no time.
I'm a Sherlockian, Whovian, Tribute, Initiate, Nerdfighter, Runner and Pegasister/Brony. <3
Need a friend, advice, assistance? Just send me a message. Don't be shy, I'm here for anyone and everyone! :aww:
Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrassed
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian


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